March 3, 2014 Adjusting to Armour Thyroid

I have been taking Armour Thyroid 45mg for about 18 days now. I take it in the morning. I am not taking calcium, dairy or multivitamins (iron) with it. I can take these later in the afternoon. I am not sure if it makes a difference or not when I take these supplements, but have seen online that it might. I also wonder if I should be taking part of my Armour dose in the AM and part later in the day. I am not sure, but the doctor told me to take it once in the morning.

For the first two weeks, I was noticeably very weak, exhausted and depressed. I had numerous muscle cramps in unusual places like under my jaw and on my side. I also woke up in the morning with tingling feelings that were annoying. Presently, 18 days after starting the Armour, I am still easily tired and depressed but it comes and goes some. I have a hard time concentrating on a project and even walked away from the stove with it turned on twice with a pan on the burner. I have been able to sleep better at night this past week. I don’t notice muscle cramps or tingling feelings in the morning.

I have a sore throat every day, mostly in the evenings and continual drainage down the back of my throat. I will continue with 45mg of Armour until my doctor appointment in April.

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