March 30, 2014 Now Hypothyroid and taking 45 mg of Amour Thyroid

This is a long road. My Radioactive Iodine (RAI) treatment was August 2013. I am just finishing up a 3 month period of taking 45 mg of Armour Thyroid once a day, in the morning. This is a 30 mg pill and a 15 mg pill.

How do I feel? Weak, fatigued, unmotivated and with an inability to concentrate. I do not want to start any new projects so I just work on daily tasks. I can not assist others because I lack energy. My attitude is, “I don’t care, do whatever.” I am not in a deep depression, I am just somewhat defeated.

My symptoms include muscle aches, being out of breath if I try to walk fast, stringy hair, thin and breaking fingernails, and ringing ears. I have had a bad sore throat most of the time and post nasal drip everyday. The sore throat was treated with a round of antibiotics. I have more headaches than often. Occasionally I wake up and can not go back to sleep.

I am often cold and hot at the same time. This is very weird; how do you explain to someone you are too hot and too cold. This week I found myself putting on two heavy bathrobes. For me that is weird.

This last week, I have been feeling shaky and just decided to do very little housework. I am just too exhausted. This last month, I have found myself curled up in a blanket in front of the TV during the middle of the day just occupying time.

This week, I will have my blood work tested and hopefully get some answers. I am guessing I am still hypothyroid. That would mean my thyroid is dying even more from the RAI treatment. That is depressing, yet that is the way this treatment is supposed to work. As stated at the beginning of this page, this is a long road.

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