July 11, 2014 was RAI worth it?

July 11, 2014


Hmm. Maybe. It has been almost a year since I had radioactive Iodine for toxic hyperthyroid goiter. I hoped my muscle pain, exhaustion and achy joints would improve. They did not. What did improve is the rapid hearbeat and short tempered feelings are gone. I am more relaxed, which is a great improvement. I don’t get angry over all the weird things that happen in life. I still get lots of sore throats.

I am still adjusting my medicine. I am on armour thyroid right now. Two out of 3 nodules were smaller when looked at with the ultrasound. I see the endocrinologist again in August. I will be curious to see if she wants me to do another ultrasound or maybe another needle aspiration (not a fan).

I have not lost weight. I may have gained a couple of pounds. My neck is not so swollen looking and my face is less puffy.

Was RAI worth doing? Maybe. It will take a couple of years to truly answer that question.

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  1. Aniela says:

    Four years ago I was depressed, going to bed at 8 pm and wanntig to sleep until noon. Had no appetite yet suddenly all my clothes were too tight. My skin dried up and my hair fell out in hunks. My cycles were heavy and migraines were killing me. My fingernails ridged and I couldn’t remember what happened yesterday. At my annual mam/pap, the nurse asked, “How long has your thyroid been swollen here?” I replied, “What’s a thyroid?” You guessed it: a goiter and hereditary hypothyroidism. I’m a new woman today and take a daily 112 mcg synthroid. I KNOW now that a thyroid malfunction affects every system of the body, every. Hope yours is well…

  2. I started My radiation the first week in July and had alot of side effects. Many many sores in my mouth and thrush constantly. Also i was told i was very sensitive to the radiation and had so many sores and burns on my neck. I have a lot of scaring left.

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