January 28, 2015-18 months after RAI for Multinodular Goiter Hyperthyroidism

January 28, 2015-A year and a half after Radioactive Iodine for Multinodular Goiter Hyperthyroidism

Yes, it has been a long road and there is no end in sight for dealing with these thyroid hormone issues. In December, my doctor added more liothyronine to increase my Free T3 levels. So, now I was on 50mcg synthroid and 10mcg liothyronine, every day. I did feel better after a couple of weeks. Then I started having problems going to sleep and staying asleep. I was waking early in the morning, sometimes only getting 3 hours of sleep if I was lucky. My hair was falling out again and everyday I felt like I was coming down with the flu. I was getting waves of hot flashes on and off, even though, I could be cold at the same time. I just felt sick.

I had blood work taken the first of January. The TSH level was extremely low yet within normal range. This indicated I was hyperthyroid. My Free T3 levels were lower than they should be. That indicated I was hypothyroid. I was extremely frustrated and confused. My doctor said I looked more hyperthyroid so she has dropped the weekend dose to 50mcg synthroid and 5 mcg liothyronine on Saturday and Sunday and not changing the weekdays. It is so hard to believe these little tweaks will  make much difference. Only time will tell, so I will wait until the next bloodwork and see if it makes a difference in a few weeks.

What is really difficult about all these ups and downs, besides feeling sick, is that it effects relationships with family and friends and the ability to have a career. I have to remind myself that I am blessed to have some good days and extremely fortunate to have caring family and friends. I know this illness is hard on them as well.


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  1. Maria says:

    Similar health history. Have you looked into Autonomously Funtioning Thyroid nodules? There is a genetic and region of descent component. A person with AFTN will responsed to iodine different than most of the population. I found a Rutherford County Tn ancestry connection I am suspecting.


    • knhknh says:

      Interesting. I don’t know anything about AFTN. I do suspect a genetic component. My direct maternal gr-gr-grandmother’s line was from Rutherford County, TN area. It is possible that line might have thyroid issues.My grandmother had thyroid issues. Names from that area are Elder, Towler, Lane, Crisp, then Strachn and Robeson. Thanks for responding.

  2. Maria says:

    I am a Descendant of David Patton of Bradyville, Tn. My grandmother was Doris Knox Patton. She had a large thyroid removed. Mine is large but I am trying to keep it.

    I have multinodular thyroid and when I get iodine I get hyperthyroid. Just a little in iodine in food, salt and my TSH reacts by going down Also watch out for Fluoride in antibiotics, Benadryl, toothpaste, tea, wine, water it blocks iodine and works like a goitgogen. Shutting down the thyroid and blocking iodine. I was getting about 70 ppm a day until I figured out all the things with a lot of fluoride in them. Poisioning my thyroid. Chlorine and Bromine ( in bread and lemony soda drinks and hot tub water) are also iodine blockers and can affect the thyroid.

    The fluoride, chlorine and bromine will sabatoge your thyroid without you even knowing it.

    Hope you are feeling better.


    • knhknh says:

      Thank you for your response about thyroid disease you sent to Colonial Ties.

      Adjusting meds takes a long time. Thanks.

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