The Colonial Ties website is a genealogy and history work in progress.  There will be mistakes that I hope others will help to correct. Keep in mind that not all of this research has been verified by first source records. Thank you to all the friends, family and researchers that have assisted in this project.

The main descending lines of this project are from John Robison/Robinson of Mecklenburg County, NC (died in Arkansas) and from John Elder of Iredell County, NC. The others famililes  mentioned are families connected to these two primary lines. Some of the earliest American immigrants in this family project are Raleigh Croshaw (arriving in 1608) and Dr. John Woodson (arriving 1619) both landing at Jamestown. One of the earliest Native Americans related to this family is Nikkiti Powhatan of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe of Virginia. She was the daughter of Cleopatra Powhatan, who is the daughter of  Wahunsonacock Powhatan and the sister to Pocahantas Powhatan.

Others that may be featured in this blog include numerous English settlers along the James River of Virginia, Scotch-Irish that migrated from Maryland to the Carolinas, French immigrants connected to the Tidewaters of Virginia, German and Swiss immigrants traveling across Pennsylvania, Ohio and into Wisconsin.

Family members have served in the military of the United States of America, a few losing their lives. An interesting highlight repeated throughout the research of these families is that they carried with them strong Christian beliefs and bible based knowledge. The churches they attended varied, yet their written wills, bible notations and church records often expressed their faith. These were strong, hardworking people dealing with incredible hardships.  They believed this biblical verse: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16 (New International Version)

Revolutionary War soldiers mentioned in these pages may include John Robison/Robinson and his brother Robert Robinson, Johnathan Montgomery and his brother William Montgomery, John Downing, Jacob Bledsoe, Richard Straughan (Stron on pension application), Elijah Fooshee R3635, Charles Ellis Perkins, Joseph Morton Charlotte VA, Josiah Morton VA, Joseph Morton Jr. VA, Thomas Morton VA, James Sneed of Williamson Co. TN, Benjamin Towler of Rutherford/Gibson County TN, John Crisp of Rutherford TN, James Stephenson (Iredell, NC) and James Henthorn.

Connected families related to John ROBISON/Robeson/ROBINSON of Mecklenburg, NC:

Robison/Robeson, Harris, Moore, Bledsoe, Terrell, Montgomery, Jones, McCullough, Hays, Strachn, ‎Lane, Towler

Connected families related to JOHN ELDER OF IREDELL COUNTY, NC:

Stephenson, Sweem, Henthorn, MartinSmith, Nance

Howard Robeson
C-47 transport plane pilot. He was killed 9 December, 1942 at the age of 24. Howard was from Pooleville, TX and was engaged at the time of his death. He buzzed the little schoolhouse with his plane before leaving for the war. Howard is buried in the American Military Cemetery in Carthage, just outside Tunis, Tunisia.

William D. Foushee
William D. Foushe b.27 MAR 1807 and d.19 DEC 1836 He was said to have died in the Mexican War. The date suggests that he died during the Texas Revolution or the Texas War of Independence. More information is needed.

Our family thanks Harlan Branby (Air Force), Robert E. Crawford (Navy), Bonnie F. Crawford, Don DeVries, Bryan Branby, Dennis DeVries, Frank H. Elder, Virginia Nance Elder, Steven L. Crawford, Alex Crawford, Marvin Bangsund, Richard Bangsund, Florence Holland and many other relatives for their military service.

Most Wanted

*Is there any information about William Corder Sr.? He migrated to Carroll County, TN in the 1800’s, perhaps 1830s. I believe he was from SC. Does anyone know of family connections in SC?

*I would appreciate more information about Samuel Collins and his wife Amey. They lived on the Trent River near Powell’s Run in the late 1700’s.

* Revolutionary War soldier, John Robinson, AKA Robison was born in North Carolina. He married Abigail Moore. I know one son was named John Brown Robinson. Can anyone tell me why some researchers are giving the revolutionary war soldier the middle initial of B., such as, John B. Robinson. I would like to see some written proof. Or are they mixing him up with his son. Thanks for any assistance.

*Information about Isaac Dawson and his wife Bettie McCord. They were in the Union/York Co., SC area and Carroll County, TN and then died in Carroll or Dyer County Tn. What were the names of their children?

*Information about the death of William D. Foushee. He was born in Chatham Co., NC 27 MAR 1807  and d.19 DEC 1836.

*Obituary for Rev. War soldier William Montgomery around 1830’s he was in Carroll County, TN…did he die in Tippah County, MS, was there a will?

*Location of the gravesite or cemetery for Greenberry Straughan.

*Parents of Sam Smith of Milam Co., TX buried in String Prairie Cemetery.

*Wanted: Location and/or GPS co-ordinates for the William H. Nance/Bush Cemetery located West of Antioch, TN

*Wanted: Information about the ancestry of John Lambert, spouse of Mary Hackney. Orange County, NC


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  1. Mike Shuman says:

    I believe William Montgomery, recorded in Carroll County, Tennessee in his
    1832 Rev. War Pension application did remove to Tippah County, Mississippi.

    I believe he is the elderly male in the household of his son Jonathan Montgomery
    enumerated there during the U.S. Federal census of 1840.

    It is also my belief that this William Montgomery was married to Priscilla Horner
    in 1785 while both were residents of Orange County, North Carolina.

    William Montgomery and his brother Jonathan Montgomery both applied for
    their Rev. War Pensions in Carroll County, Tennessee in 1832.

    William Montgomery and Jonathan Montgomery are both named as sons of
    William Montgomery in his LW&T dated 1815 in Orange Co. NC.

    If you need to visit, e-mail me direct.


  2. Dave Nance says:

    I THINK I know where the Nance Bush Cemetery is.

    Some years go I did some digging and came up with a theory about where “Rural Vale”, the homestead of William Howe Nance, was located. Based on the clues in “Nance Memorial”, that WHN settled “on the headwaters of Indian Creek” and that he was involved in the founding of the Primitive Baptist Church “at Concord, 3 miles away on the waters of Mill Creek”, and on the fact that WHN and his family were mentioned a number of times in “Historic Cane Ridge and Its Families”, by L. B. Johnson (1973), I narrowed it down to an area somewhere east of what is now Cane Ridge Park.

    The last clue was finding the page of the Davidson County TN cemetery survey project for the old Nance Bush cemetery. ( )The interments in that cemetery include WHN and his wife Elizabeth Venable Morton Nance, and some of their children. It was obviously the family cemetery for the “Rural Vale” homestead, and thus presumably quite close to where the house was located.

    According to the Davidson County TN cemetery survey project, Nance Bush Cemetery is located on Old Hickory Boulevard – but it’s no more specific than that – no address.

    Old Hickory Boulevard runs for quite some distance south of Nashville, but there is a piece of it that runs right through the Cane Ridge area. I began looking at the section of Old Hickory Boulevard that is about 3 miles from Concord Church on Mill Creek, using Google Maps street view. I focused on the area right around where Cane Ridge Road runs into Old Hickory Boulevard. Cecil Rhea Crawford Park is at this intersection. And then I found, just east of there, a little unmarked cemetery, very clearly visible from the road.

    The address is approximately 13409 Old Hickory Blvd Nashville TN. Put that address in Google Maps, then click to view it in Street View. It will default to a view looking towards the South; just use the arrows to “turn around” and look to the North. There, on the north side of the road, is the cemetery. Around 8 or so stones appear to be visible; there may be more that don’t show in the picture.

    As I said, I THINK this is Nance Bush Cemetery. All the clues point that way. But, somebody who lives near the area needs to go check it out!

  3. Kathy (Henderson) Martin says:


    I too have been researching the Robeson/Robinson family history. I just wanted to comment on information taken from Hawkins’ Tories : a regimental and social history of the 7th Tennessee volunteer cavalry USA by Peggy Scott Holley. In her writings, she states Jeptha L. Robeson became a steamboat captain after the civil war. In the 1880 census, he is listed as an attorney living with his sister, Harriet Manning in Carroll County, Tn. ?? I have that he married Sara M, Hill (Sadie) in Carroll County, Tn. 23 Jan. 1884.

  4. P. S. Holley says:

    The information that J L Robeson was a steamboat pilot before (not after) the Civil War is on his muster roll for Co F, 7th TN Cav USA as his occupation when he enlisted on 9/1/1862.

  5. Phil Hanna says:

    My father, Edwin B. Hanna, used to tell us that in our family tree, there was a connection to the sister of Pocahantas. So without much details, from my memory, Abraham Micheaux married Suzanne Rochet, one of theirdaughters married a Woodson. Then from the Woodsons, there were connections to the Venables, and then to the Mortons then to the Hannas of Shelby County Kentuky. My great grandfather was given the name Charles Morton Hanna I, and his son, CMH II, was my grandfather, a pastor and seminary professor who died in the early sixties. So this is new information on old information shared by my father, now deseased, on things he would tell us. Thank you. Phil Hanna, Columbia, Kentucky

    • knhknh says:

      Thank you for your comment dated December 24, 2012. I ran across the following website online, perhaps this site mentions some of the lines you are discussing.
      The information was posted by Chuck Vaughan. I have not checked it for accuracy.

      One of their sons was Abraham Bedford Venable II b. 3/22/1700 New Kent Co., Va., d. 3/16/1768 Louisa Co., Va., m. 9/1723 Hanover Co., Virginia to Martha Davis b. 7/14/1702 Amherst Co., Va., d. 2/13/1765 Louisa Co.,Va.
      Some extra info: Martha Davis was the daughter of Robert (called The Black Davis) Davis 1676-1771 and Abadiah Lewis 1680-bef.1750, m.(2) Anna Atkins. Robert Davis is the son of Nathaniel davis 1650-1710 and Elizabeth Hughes 1654-1771. Elizabeth Hughes is the daughter of Trader Hughes and Nicketti. Nicketti is the youngest daughter of Wahansonacock (The Chief Powhatan – also the father of Pocahontas) and Nonoma. Nicketti and Pocahontas were half sisters. So if you descend from Abraham Bedford Venable II and Martha Davis you are related to The Well known Chief Powhatan, Nicketti and Pocahontas.
      Children of Abraham B. Venable II and Martha Davis.
      Abraham B. Venable III m.Elizabeth Michaux – had 9 children.
      Hugh Lewis Venable m. Mary E. Martin, had 7 children
      Charles Venable, Sr. m. Elizabeth Smith – had 10 children
      Nathaniel E. Venable, Sr. m. Elizabeth M. Woodson – had 14 children
      James H. Venable m. Judith Morton – had 11 children.
      Anne Venable m. Philip King – had 7 children
      William Venable, Sr. m. Anne Clark – had 4 children.
      Mary Venable m. Charles Moorman – had 12 children.
      Elizabeth Venable m. Josiah Morton – had 8 children.
      John Abraham Venable m. Agnes Moorman – had 9 children.
      Martha Venable m. Evan Shelby.

  6. J Floyd says:

    Hi, Gov. John Floyd ws my 4th G Grandfather, he named the first child in US history a daughter after this Nicketti of the Powhatan s. I would like to add our family has nothing more to offer on this history and we only know what others know that’s online, with that we can’t offer any opinions on her nor have opinion on what others say, this was her said Pamunkey tribe s answer too when asked,. There historian had nothing more to offer or share about her as well, and have no opinions of her or on others opinions of her all the same. I personally care for my grandfather s grave ( Gov .John Floyd ) and my father claimed to be mixed native, but could of passed as a fullblood he was 89 last summer when he lost his fight with cancer, 44 yr under ground coal miner, and preacher for over 50 odd yr. One of the most honest man ive ever known, and ive yet met one person that ever knew him that didn’t say the exact same. My family including a few siblings appear to maintain alot of Native American features. Some claim this in dna, ive searched probably for your Nicketti you list here like no other, and all anyone knows including the Va tribe s is whats know online they say they have no records for her , therefore can’t give an opinion either way. My family only wants an honest family tree. And therefore we too can only give you what her said tribe s answer was to me. With all this said we all hope something solid one day surfaces. But as of know this day, nobody can say if she was or was not . Myself i do believe the family history, but as Alexander Brown said on his cabbell and kin history, i cant vouch on it either way. I stood up for my family like we all should do, but without solid proof of her we yet have proven she was or was not.

  7. Cal Foreman says:

    I am a direct descendent of William D. Foushee. My research has not revealed much more than you have on him. The death date leads me also to believe he died prior to the actual Mexican War but was maybe part of the Texas revolution. Any new information would be welcome. Ironically his son V.D.Foushee died at Chancellorsville (1863) in the Civil War.

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