James Martin  fought in the Indian Wars in Virginia and Pennsylvania. He may have been the James Martin, trader from Maryland. He is found in Hampshire County, VA (now WVA). In Hampshire County his family is living with Michael Cresap’s group of settlers. After this time, he has been hard to follow, partly because the SW Pennsylvania territory was under dispute and the names of the counties frequently changed. His name has been found with Abraham Teagarden, James Henthorn, Oliver Ingram, Enoch Enoch, Cacklers and Jacob Crow to name a few. By 1814, he is found living in York Township, Belmont County, Ohio. James Martin was possibly married to Martha Hennry.

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DILLON, GREEN, HENRY, JACOBS, LEMLEY, MARTIN, PLANK, SHEPARD posted by Elaine Schaffran on Tuesday, January 12, 1999

James MARTIN (approx.1770’s-June1822) spouse Martha HENRY (approx.1770’s- 11 Feb. 1832) Uriah Martin (18 June 1774) spouse Margaret*** Joseph Martin (20 July 1776 – after 1870) spouse Christina PLANK Mary Martin (20 Oct 1778) spouse ***Rankin John Martin ( 15 Nov. 1780) spouse Mary*** Michael Martin (15 Nov. 1782) spouse Pamela GREEN Anna Martin (27 March 1784) spouse John SHEPARD Rebecca Martin (28 March 1787) spouse Joseph JACOBS James Martin (22 June 1789) spouse Elizabeth DILLON Samuel Martin (22 Oct. 1791) spouse Catherine LEMLEY James and Martha lived in Hampshire Co., Va until the early 1800’s when they moved with their children to Belmont Co., Ohio”

I found the following marriages at the Allegany County Marriages in Bride Order (1791-1825) website at: http://files.usgwarchives.net/md/allegany/vitals/marriages/femmar1.txt

I believe Ann and Rebecca are the daughters of James Martin and Martha.

1804   11/27    Shepherd, John                    Martin, Ann

1811   10/06    Jacobs, Joseph                    Martin, Rebecca

Many of the Cresaps and Crow families are also listed on the Allegany County Marriages website. James Martin lived in Michael Cresap’s district in Hampshire County VA/WV which is located next to Allegany County, Maryland.

Is this James Martin a son of Edmund Martin of Linton Township, Maryland? Is he a brother to Uriah and Nehemiah Martin? Edmund Martin and Nehemiah Martin are listed on the 1761 Old Town Hundred, Maryland taxlist. Others on this list are found later in Hampshire County Virginia/West Virginia with the Martins.

I am especially interested in the son of James Martin. Uriah (sometimes Urias) Martin m. Margaret.

I have been searching for the maiden name of Uriah Martin’s wife Margaret. I have a possible candidate but am unable to validate it with paper sources.

This Martin family may be related to the Farley, Inghram and Cathers families of the Ohio and Pennsylvania area. One clue is that Uriah Martin was always seen living near Andrew Farley on census records in Ohio.

I looked again at Hampshire, VA land records to search the neighbors on the N. Branch of the Potomack River where James Martin (father of Uriah) lived. I notice there was a David Farley in these records. I decided to research David because I had been so interested In Andrew Farley of Ohio. I found out that David had a daughter named Margaret that fit the birth range for Uriah’s wife, Margaret. Next I realized that the Andrew Farley, neighbor of Uriah in Ohio, was married to Sarah Farley. Sarah Farley is also a daughter of David and Mary Farley. This makes Sarah and Margaret Farley sisters. An interesting note here is that Andrew Farley may have the same surname or similar surname (Farley) but as far as I can tell I don’t believe he is related to Sarah or her father, David.

Now for another clue to Margaret’s parents. There is evidence that Uriah Martin moved near or into what later became the Noble County, Ohio area. He probably died before 1840. I had researched his neighbors but found no relative connection but lots of familiar names. Again, Andrew Farley shows up in the same neighborhood. When researching David Farley and his wife, Mary, I find that David dies around 1830 in this area of Monroe/Noble County, Ohio. That explains why Uriah Martin and Andrew Farley would move to this area. Uriah was traveling and moving with his wife’s family.

I do not know if there is a will for David Farley. That would help to verify the relationships. Again, these records may have been lost in the Monroe County, Ohio courthouse fires.

Any information to back the above information up would greatly be appreciated.

Uriah Martin married to Margaret. Uriah lived in Hampshire County, Virginia (later WVA), Belmont County, Ohio, Monroe County, Ohio and Noble County, Ohio. He probably died and was buried in Noble County, Ohio.

Uriah and Margaret Martin’s line continues though Ephraim Martin b. about 1807 in Ohio and d. 1884 in Crawford County, Wisconsin and (1) Sarah Elizabeth Miller and (2) Susanna Paris d. Crawford County, Wisconsin.

Ephraim Martin and Elizabeth Miller’s children were Joseph Martin, John Martin, Urias Martin, Mary “Polly” Martin.

Ephraim Martin and Susanna Paris’s children were  William Martin, James Martin, Sarah A. Martin Elder Ewer, Eliza A. Martin, Bessie Mae Martha Jane Martin Pugh,  Libby A. Martin, Mahala Martin, Stephen Martin


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  1. Jonathan Woolsey says:

    I have been researching my family and I believe I may have a connection to the family of James Martin. My family would be connected to Mary “Polly” Martin, who I believe was the wife of Washington Henthorne. I was wondering if you had any evidence of this. I am a direct descendant of Washington Henthorne.
    I am not usually in the habit of adding information just based off of what someone else says. By reading your article, it seems apparent to me that you do a great deal of research. I was wondering if you would be at all interested in sharing source documents for this information. I would be happy to share with you any information I have.

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