SAM SMITH of Bartow Co., GA, Robertson and Milam Counties, TX

Above is a photo taken from the website of the tombstone of Andrew Bruce Smith. It is located in the Furnace-Goodson Cemetery. He is the father of Sam Smith.

Descendants of Sam Smith

Sam Smith was married 3 times. He is buried in the String Prairie Cemetery in Milam County, TX. There are 3 graves next to his and are believed to be his 3 wives. He is the son of Andrew Smith an ironworker of the Etowah Manufacturing and Mining Company. This company was completely destroyed during th Civil War. After the Civil War, people working and living in the area were forced to move elsewhere to find a living. Sam Smith was a Sergeant in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He was assigned to the 17th Battalion, State Guards: Jefferson’s Company – Etowah Infantry, Fay’s Company – Etowah Artillery

Andrew Smith and his wife, Hannah were from Scotland. They may have lived in Lincoln County, NC and Spartanburg County, SC before coming to the Cass/Bartow County areas of Georgia. Andrew was an ironworker, he worked as a moulder in mining and manufacturing. There were iron furnaces in Spartanburg County, SC in 1840 and ironworks in the Carterville, GA area around the 1850’s until near the end of the Civil War. Andrew and Hannah had children named Peter, Aurelia and Arabella. They may have had Sam and possibly another son. Andrew Smith is buried near Cartersville, GA.

Sam Smith is listed as Samuel Smith on the “Georgia, Returns of Qualified Voters and Reconstruction Oath Books, 1867….”  He was in the Stamp Creek area Precinct No. 21, Bartow County, GA. His father Andrew Smith and brother Peter Smith are listed on a previous page.

Sam Smith married 3 times. 1st to Frances, 2nd to Mary and 3rd to M.E. Easley. He is buried in String Prairie Cemetery in Milam County, Texas.


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